"Give me your heart and I will lead you on a new path, the ancient path our ancestors walked."

What is Hisbodedus?

Hisbodedus is a personal and simple form of prayer and meditation in the Jewish tradition. It’s like having a heartfelt conversation with God, where you express your thoughts, feelings, and concerns in your own words. You can do it in a quiet space, like a room or a peaceful outdoors setting, and it’s often practiced daily. It’s a way to connect with the Creator, seek guidance, and reflect on your life in an open and sincere manner. Hisbodedus is about building a personal relationship with God, making it a unique and meaningful practice for each individual

How to Practice Hisbodedus: A Simple Guide in Steps


Set aside a specific time each day for Hisbodedus. Choose a quiet place, whether it's a room, a park, or a peaceful field, where you can concentrate undisturbed.Find a location conducive to meditation. A private room, a peaceful park, or even the seclusion under your covers can work wonders. The quieter and more secluded, the better.


Speak from your heart, using words of grace and supplication, in your everyday language. Express yourself clearly, focusing on your connection with the Creator. Begin by saying, "Today, I am starting to attach myself to You. Don't limit your prayers. From everyday concerns to lofty spiritual aspirations, bring everything before God. Focus on your ultimate goal – serving God and coming closer to Him.


While the ideal time is at night when the world sleeps, any time works. If nights are challenging, try the early morning before or after prayers. Consistency is key; daily practice surpasses sporadic attempts.

Simply and Openly

Approach Hisbodedus like a conversation with a close friend. Pour out your thoughts and troubles before God, just as a child pleads before their father. Remember, the key is consistency. Hisbodedus is a daily practice, allowing you to explore a wide range of topics with simplicity and openness. So, choose a topic that resonates with you, infuse it with your feelings, and make Hisbodedus a part of your daily routine.

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